COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- The MiLL’s lead instructor, John Stearns, was approached in February to use The MiLL as a possible stop for Festool’s Nationwide Roadshow in Colorado Springs. Festool’s V-P of marketing, Eugen Gassmann and the Roadshow coordinator, Rick Bush, director of product marketing, were looking for a good educational site in a central location in Colorado to bring the truck to. The MiLL fit the bill. The roadshow is a three-day event that includes training for dealers, students, and finishes with a public open house.

The Festool truck arrived on Monday, April 8, and was set up at The MiLL in the parking lot. The roadshow uses a tractor trailer customized as a mobile showroom for Festool products. The trailer sides open up and the floor triples in size.

Festool mobile workbenches, The Domino, sanders, vacuum pods, track saws and the Kapex sliding miter saw are all set up in the truck with room to host classes, training, and room to move around. In addition, Festool’s partner company, Shaper Origin, trained students on their handheld CNC machine.

Day one of the roadshow was geared toward Festool’s local dealers. Twenty-two dealers participated in training on the truck. The MiLL hosted a tour of the facilities as well as a lunch in the conference room, giving the dealers the ability to meet students and observe classes in between their Festool training.

Day two was student training day. All MiLL students had the opportunity to tour the truck and participate in the training. Currently, The MiLL does not have any Festool products, however, the curriculum is based on loose- tenon joinery and fits very well with Festool’s Domino.

MiLL instructors prepared leg and rail samples, part of the project students are currently working on. Students saw how efficient it is to lay out, cut and join the parts for their project using the Domino. Students were suitably impressed with the tool and the trainers. A flash hail storm Wednesday afternoon moved the training inside The MiLL, giving students the chance to see how mobile the Festool products are.

On day three, Festool opened the truck to the public. The Colorado Springs Home Builders Association and Builders First Source hosted a barbecue lunch for the trainers, the local HBA, and guests. Peyton Woods students, part of the MiLL program, came in and were able to visit the MiLL and work with the Festool trainers as well. The MiLL instructors and administrators hosted tours of the facility and shared the program with guests. Approximately 200 people came in on Thursday to enjoy the Roadshow, see the MiLL and enjoy the much nicer weather.

Festool’s Roadshow at The MiLL was a successful event that brought almost 300 visitors during the week. The trainers were professional, friendly, and informative. Instructors and staff at The MiLL were impressed with the truck and the Festool staff.

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