Sales for the FDMC 300 group of companies grew 4.75 percent in 2018, to reach $54.691 billion.

This group of the 300 largest North American cabinet, millwork, furniture and fixture manufacturers recorded a seventh consecutive year of sales expansion in 2018, the year just completed. In 2017, sales grew 5.4 percent over the previous year to $52.209 billion. 

Companies in most market sectors that reported to us indicated growth or similar sales levels compared to the previous year. Some of the largest publicly traded manufacturers consolidated operations or concentrated on improving efficiency rather than increasing overall revenue.

The FDMC 300 is a group of the 300 largest cabinet, furniture, millwork, store fixture, office/contract and component producers in North America. This annual summary of wood manufacturing firms' sales performance is published annually by FDMC magazine.

This is the initial report from the FDMC 300, the annual summary of wood manufacturing firms' sales performance. The list is published annually by FDMC magazine.


3D lamination on concave or convex wood panels - Bierson's process

The team at retail components leader Bierson Corp. shows how the Central Point, Oregon firm laminates curved surfaces.

There were adjustments in some company information in 2018 due to new data, mergers and consolidations.

Also, there were several companies listed last year that are no longer included, along with new companies and a few name changes.

In 2017 we identified five companies that closed. In 2018, we identified only three companies in the group of 300 that went out of business. We will detail these changes and look more closely at several key market segments in the future issues.

Most notably, Heritage Home Group LLC sold its Broyhill, Thomasville and Luxury Group business units and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Formerly known as Furniture Brands, this company was one of the largest in the FDMC 300 at one time and was still one of the largest residential furniture companies.

One major cabinet manufacturer purchased another when American Woodmark bought RSI Home Products. Also, JSJ Corp. closed its izzy+ contract furniture operation, and Harden Furniture closed its New York operation. Its future is uncertain.

A detailed list of the top 25 companies and a summary of all 300 companies will be included in the February issue of FDMC Magazine. Additional information will be added at

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