Fatal Accident at Boise Cascade Plywood Plant
Boise Cascade posts $16.2M Q4 loss

MONCURE, NC - A 29-year-old worker died Friday in an industrial accident at Boise Cascade's plywood plant in Moncure, NC. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is investigating the accident.

Local news sources report William Belk was killed when a piece of log yard equipment struck him. John Sahlberg, senior vice president of Human Resources at Boise Cascade, told The Sanford Herald  "The equipment had a C-clamp, and somehow or another, the C-clamp was up and came down on him. We don't have details as to what he was doing or why the C-clamp was up."

The specialty plywood mill, which Boise Cascade purchased in a year ago, produces both hardwood and softwood panels. Boise Cascade acquired the Moncure plywood mill, along with Chester Wood Products, from Wood Resources LLC in September 2013 for $102 million.


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