HICKORY, N.C. - A woman has been accused of shooting and killing her co-worker at TCS Designs' furniture manufacturing plant in Hickory, North Carolina. 
Tangela Parker reportedly shot fellow employee Phelifia Marlow on the job after a workplace dispute. Parker then allegedly fled the plant with the help of her husband Eric Parker, who is also an employee.
Marlow was taken to a local hospital and was pronounced dead soon after arrival.
The couple is currently on the run. Tangela is wanted for first degree murder and Eric is wanted for accessory after the fact. Police say they are armed and dangerous.
The U.S. Marshals Service is looking for any information that leads to the couple's apprehension. A $10,000 reward is being offered.
Employees told local news that they heard two shots and the plant was soon placed under lockdown. 
The victim's husband, Justin Marlow, told Channel 9 that Parker and his wife had gotten into a dispute over some tables last week. Marlow said Parker had been sent home for three days following the dispute and had returned to work earlier this week. 
TCS Designs manufacturers bench-made upholstered and leather furniture for both residential and contract markets.

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