WILMINGTON, Del. -- DuPont Zodiaq is becoming part of the Corian Design family of branded products, services and design products. While the quartz product continues to be owned by DuPont, the product will be re-branded as Corian Quartz as part of the new global design brand, Corian Design which was introduced earlier this year.

“The move from DuPont Zodiaq to Corian Quartz will better align the product to the brand’s design principles and allow Corian Design to more efficiently and effectively communicate the product offering to the market,” said Julie Eaton, global business director for Corian Design.

Along with the name change comes new designs, textures and aesthetics for Corian Quartz which were to be previewed at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. All product warranties, properties and quality of levels of service for DuPont Zodiaq remain unchanged with Corian Quartz. The line currently has 52 colors and patterns for use in residential and commercial in a variety of uses including kitchens, bathrooms, hotels, hospitals and restaurants. For more information, see http://corianquartz.com/.

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