Dow Canada to remove straw bales from ex-strawboard mill site

ELIE, MB – Dow Chemical Canada Inc. announced plans to remove approximately 140,000 straw bales, the remnants of a strawboard manufacturing plant it closed in 2005. The strawboard was manufactured as an alternative to particleboard and MDF.

Since Dow closed the facility, the stacked bales have sat visible along a stretch of the Trans-Canada Highway.

According to the Daily Graphic/Herald Leader, half of the bales will be used as part of a composting and mulching program, while the other half will be targeted for biofuel applications.

The strawboard plant, which featured a continuous press, was originally developed by Isobord, which intended to build several other strawboard manufacturing facilities to capitalize on the green products movement. The plant was ultimately taken over by Dow, which had supplied the plant with isocyanate resin used to produce the products.

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