HOLLAND, Mich. – Klingman's Furniture and Design and Hegg's Gallery of Fine Furniture have opened their new 50,000-square-foot Furniture & Design Center in Holland, Michigan. In 2016, Klingman’s entered into a joint venture with Hegg’s to convert its showroom into a Klingman’s Furniture & Design Center.

The venture is only for the single Holland location. Both companies will still have their separate businesses, including Klingman's Grand Rapids locations and Hegg's Hart location.

"We are thrilled about this new opportunity," said Jason Israels, Klingman's president. "Hegg's Furniture has served the lakeshore for decades by providing quality home furnishings and accents. We at Klingman's Furniture and Design are excited to continue their practice while tying in our tradition of offering our customers a large selection of home furnishings at the very best value with superior service."

Stacie Hegg, owner Hegg's Gallery of Fine Furniture, told the Holland Sentinel that she was contacted about a year ago to discuss the potential merging of the two businesses.

Hegg figured they could continue competing together, or they could join forces and try to capitalize on reaching areas of the market previously inaccessible.

Hegg said that her company operates in the more mid-to-upper levels of the furniture market and said the partnership will allow them to venture more into the upper levels where Klingman's specializes.

Both of the company’s service teams, warehouse teams, and delivery staff will work together at the showroom.

Klingman's Furniture and Design has served West Michigan since 1896, when it first began providing home furnishings around the area. Hegg's Gallery of Fine Furniture has been serving the area since 1946 and is now into their fourth generation of ownership.

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