Coffin designer thinks green
August 15, 2011 | 11:06 am CDT

New Zealand coffin designer Greg
Holdsworth brings a "green"
approach to funeral caskets.


The East & Bays Courier reports on coffin designer Greg Holdsworth, who is bent on bringing environmental stewardship to the funeral industry.

Instead of MDF, which is used by the vast majority of coffin makers, Holdsworth’s design incorporate rimu, poplar and plywood In addition, instead of metal-coated plastic handles, his caskets have them built in. “

Some funeral directors find it very odd but so many young people I talk to think it’s a no-brainer,” Holdsworth said. “Most of my clients are an interesting mix of ‘green to the core’ operators and mainstream early adopters, some of whom are industry leaders who have made an effort to embrace new designs and take stock of their environmental impact.”

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