The Cabinet Makers Association (CMA) announced a new mentoring program offered for the benefit of its members. The Mentor Council consists of CMA members who are considered leaders in the industry because they are up on the latest technology and methods. Mentors have experience presenting seminars at industry gatherings and writing articles for the trade press on matters relating running a successful and profitable business.

A member who wants to receive insights into problems they may be experiencing in their business would contact the Council for a consultation. To start the process, a member fills out a form on the CMA website listing details about their business, such as what products are made, how many employees, how big their shop is, etc. A determination is made by the Council to pair the member with a Mentor that has experience in a similar business situation.

After a few emails from the Mentor clarifying what the member hopes to accomplish with the session, a phone conference is scheduled. The phone conference typically lasts an hour to an hour and a half, and follow up calls may be made to monitor the member's progress.

"The Mentor Council is for anyone who has ever asked 'How do other cabinet shops do this?' or thought, 'There must be a better way,'" says Matt Krig, the CMA president and owner of Northland Woodworks, Blaine, MN. "There is no reason to try to figure it out on your own when there are people just like you who may already have the answer. All you need to do is ask."

The goal of the Mentor Council is to engage new and existing CMA members through one-on-one interaction with other members in the group. This interaction often leads to long-lasting friendships among members. According to the association's Executive Director Jim McDermott, "Having a group of people you know to rely on for advice and expertise can help you reach your goals of a more successful business and a better personal life."

The mission of the CMA has been and continues to be "Successful people helping others to be successful."

The CMA is a professional organization where cabinetmakers and woodworkers from both the residential and commercial markets get together and share their hard earned knowledge and experience to help one another. For more information, visit

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