ClosetMaid Shelving Certified with 90% Recycled Material

ClosetMaid Shelving Certified with 90% Recycled MaterialOCALA, FL -- Home storage and organization solutions manufacturer ClosetMaid, a division of Emerson, received certification for its ventilated wire shelving fabricated from 90% recycled material with 86% post-consumer and 4% pre-consumer recycled steel.

The current certification is a significant leap from 2010 when the shelving was certified with 75% recycled steel. According to the company, its organizing systems were the first in the industry to earn this certification.

“Our consumers and builders want environmentally-friendly products, so we’ve made a conscious effort to try to increase the level of recycled steel we use in our products,” says Lisa Engel, Vice President of Product Development and Marketing, ClosetMaid. “Using recycled steel in our products is not new. In fact, we’ve been incorporating it into our wire shelving for decades, and we’re very proud of this.


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