MEMPHIS, Tenn. – National Hardwood Lumber Association has received a notice from Leon Skarshinski, Commercial Officer, U.S. Department of Commerce, Embassy of the United States of America in Beijing, China, who has announced the conclusion of a meeting with China AQSIQ DG and senior staff regarding the mosquito fumigation requirement for U.S. originating cargo.

All U.S. origin vessels that left the United States after August 5 must comply with the new requirements. All shipments (air and sea vessels) originating from the United States are required to provide some of proof of disinsection at the Chinese port.

Disinsection does not require fumigation. Disinsection can be carried out by physical or chemical means. For physical, this could include trapping , air curtains, or other integrated pest management techniques. For chemical, this could include surface spraying, space spraying, or fumigation. It is the shipper’s choice, but should take into account human health and safety.

NHLA is making available two documents:  

1.  A cursory Q&A covering most of the major issues that were raised via our FCS (Foreign Commercial Service) channels.

2.  A high level read from NHLA’s FAS ( Foreign Agricultural Service) colleagues.

Some of the information will be redundant in these two documents. Expect something more official from all attendees (FAS, FCS, STATE, APHIS, CDC) in the very near future. See for more information.


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