CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- International Beams has announced plans to build the largest Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) manufacturing operation in the United States. Biesse’s Uniteam series was selected as the official CNC equipment supplier to the new 227,000 square foot manufacturing facility near Dothan, Alabama. The new plant is expected to open early this year.

International Beams, a manufacturer of pre-fabricated I-joists, will produce two new products at its Alabama facility: CLT panels and glue-laminated beams (Glu-Lam).

The use of CLT panel had previously been reserved for commercial construction but is now increasingly being used by residential builders. Biesse/Uniteam has also responded to the change in market demands with equipment designed for log home manufacturing: E-Mix, UT, CK and EBM-3.  

Uniteam’s range of machines and systems includes the E-Mix, which has the multi-functional capacity to machine not only CLT panels, but also laminated beams and curved laminated beams. The E-Mix is intended for small to medium sized companies. E-Mix can also be built with twin loading stations that allow for pendular machining to further increase the level of productivity.

Uniteam’s UT series features technology for the machining of very large beams or elements with more complex shapes. The CK series is intended for medium to large industries requiring flexibility in order to handle standard woodworking cuts. The EBM-3 series offers the largest platform for CNC machining of beams and CLT panels. See

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