COPENHAGEN - While excavating for a new train station in Copenhagen, a team of Danish archaeologists and scientists discovered a secret tunnel they think dates back to the 1800s.
The wooden-lined tunnel lies 18 feet underground and is only three feet in height. It appears to have been used for escape, but the team doesn't know for sure.
“The tunnel is seemingly cut off by the rampart at Østerport Station, but the other end continues under Østbanegade. We don’t know if it turns or where it ends. It’s a mystery,” Christian Andreas Flensborg, an archaeologist with the Museum of Copenhagen, told TV2 Lorry. 
The team originally estimated the tunnel to be from the 1600s, but later determined the wood comes from a tree cut down in the 1870s.
“It’s odd that you make a tunnel that no one knows about. This construction must have been secret. It’s a part of Copenhagen’s military history,” said Flensborg.

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