Apollo Sprayers Aims for Business Efficiency
August 22, 2012 | 4:01 pm CDT
Apollo Sprayers Aims for Business Efficiency

VISTA, CA - Apollo Sprayers International Inc., a manufacturer of spray finishing equipment, announced the progress of its systems reorganization undertaken with the Lean Six Sigma Institute (LSSI).

The program has helped Apollo expand its manufacturing capabilities, factory and warehouse facilities and the institution of a new position being filled by David Ifrid as value stream manager.

Ofrod has more than 20 years of management experience in the logistics field. Ifrid said, “I completed the Lean Six Sigma Training three years ago and was impressed by how much more efficient and organized the business became and the resulting increase in throughput.”

In an effort to eliminate wasteful time and effort, Apollo Sprayers has incorporated the kaizen process. This process is backed up by a weekly quality inspection known as the genba walk. Based on the Japanese word for “the real place,” the genba walk takes management to the front lines to look for waste and opportunities to practice shop floor improvement.

Apollo's President and CEO John Darroch described the effects of these disciplines; “Everyone in the company is directly involved in improving how we organize inventory, how we manufacture, how we ship, how we deal with our supply chain, and how we serve our customers, step by step. It’s logical and very powerful in its effect.”

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