HEBRON, Ohio - Jim Morgan could have lost his life after he was struck by a car early 2014. He ended up living, but not before losing his eyesight. 
The 68-year-old school teacher was a former home builder and has always had a passion for building things. But after his injury, he challenged himself to become a builder full-time - dedicating himself to making wooden clocks.
"After something like that, there's a lot of depression and frustration and wonder. I decided I needed to get out and do something," he told local ABC News.

Morgan starts by visualizing the clock, then plans all the dimensions. He uses a "talking tape measure" that calls out measurements to him. He also uses wood blocks cut to specific measurements. He says he's able to be extremely proficient, setting saw blades and other tools exactly where they need to be.
As of August 19, Morgan has made 77 clocks. All are unique.
Morgan currently teaches woodworking to two other blind men - who don't speak english.

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