CHARLESTON, S.C. - A lumber shipment containing "dangerous" termites was seized by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection at South Carolina's Charleston Seaport late May. 
“This interception of these termites hitchhiking on a lumber shipment is significant,” said Richard Quinn, CBP Port Director at Charleston Seaport, reported ABC4 News. “CBP agriculture specialists perform work that is critical to protecting the U.S. by preventing the introduction of harmful pests into the country.”


The 50 U.S. cities most affected by termites

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The shipment came from the African county of Camaroon and was on its way to North Carolina. CBP officials said that termites "were crawling on the wood." Both the lumber and container were fumigated. The shipment is on its way back to Camaroon.

The termites were identified as Kalotermitidae, a species known for causing significant damage in wood structures and floors.

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