DUBUQUE, Ia. - Church doors and a gothic transom were one of the most recent projects by Adams Architectural Millwork Co. The church’s congregation wanted to revitalize their front entry doors. Adams replaced the existing set of double doors with a gothic transom and incorporated stained glass pieces.

The brick church was dedicated in 1889 and has an impressive entrance that has been enriched by the warm tones of the oak doors and stained glass. This traditional style double entry door is 2-1/4 inches thick x 72 x 108 inches. Doors were made from white oak with a cherry finish. Each door contains eight panels.


Adams Architectural completes historic window job

Stained glass pieces were inserted into two panels on each door. The Gothic transom has stained glass in a pointed arch style, using the look of 12th Century churches and abbeys.


The painted arch transom required a great deal of work and planning. The two halves mirrored each other and the eight openings show the variation of color created in the glass pieces.

Each piece of stained glass was hand-cut using templates that were provided from the drawing.

Adams Architectural, in Dubuque, Iowa, fabricates historically accurate windows, window sashes, storm windows, doors and storm doors. See www.adamsarch.com for more information.

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