TURIN, ITALY - COMAU Robotics and B&R say their collaboration continues to mature and expand. The companiesnow boast ten thousand units, including wood manufacturing systems, are installed and operating all around the globe.

This figure underscores the quality of its robotic products, which COMAU says rely on powerful, accurate and reliable control electronics from automation specialist B&R. Applications in the woodworking industry include Generic Motion Control (GMC), which integrates standard CNC, motion control and robotics functionality in a uniquely versatile control system. One example: it's possible to synchronize a mobile CNC head with the movement of a conveyor belt. The station then moves along with the conveyor belt, running the CNC program as the workpiece is transported.

The two companies have been working for years to revolutionize the integration of robotics into production lines, COMAU says.  

"This is the concrete result of an intense collaboration that has allowed both companies to become key players in the market, with the aim to continuously improve in technologies and grow in new market sectors," says Tobias Daniel, Head of Robotics Europe and Americas at COMAU.

"We are pleased to say that this cooperation is yielding tangible results on a growing market," says Walter Burgstaller, B&R's European sales director. "More and more companies are looking to robotics as a means to optimize production and respond to the ever increasing flexibility and complexity of their plants."

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