Woodgrain Millwork Introduces Moulding with Eastman Cerfis

Fruitland, Idaho — Woodgrain Millwork, Inc., a leading manufacturer of moulding and millwork, introduces the first millwork product to utilize the patented surface technology of Eastman Cerfis™ technology — Finished Elegance™.

Finished Elegance™ is finished white interior moulding that is durable and resistant to scratching, marring, denting and moisture. The product launched in the Atlanta market and will expand to additional markets throughout the following 12 months. The product mix is specific to geographic markets with enough selection to trim a complete room. It is sold exclusively through The Home Depot®.

“Finished Elegance™ moulding and trim delivers something many consumers are looking for in their increasingly busy lives — time savings,” said Kelly Dame, chief executive officer, Woodgrain Millwork. “No painting is required due to the silky, smooth finish provided by Eastman Cerfis™ technology.”

Eastman Cerfis™ technology provides the ability to precisely coat a variety of moulding and trim profiles for enhanced product aesthetics, performance and consistency.

“Working with Eastman has proved to be the perfect collaboration between industry leaders, including Eastman as the expert supplier of polymer technology, and The Home Depot as a retail segment leader,” Dame said. “Furthermore, being the first manufacturer to utilize

Eastman Cerfis™ technology allows us to enhance our position as a leader in the moulding and millwork industry.”

Eastman supported Woodgrain Millwork throughout the manufacturing process of Finished Elegance™, providing education on the capabilities of Eastman Cerfis™ technology and training with the manufacturing process. "We are confident the cutting-edge technology offered by Eastman Cerfis™ will enable Woodgrain Millwork to bring revolutionary products to the marketplace," said Paul Madren, market development manager, Eastman Cerfis™ technology. For more information on Eastman Cerfis™ technology, visit www.eastman.com/cerfis.

Eastman's chemicals, fibers and plastics are used as key ingredients in products that people use every day. Approximately 10,000 Eastman employees around the world blend technical expertise and innovation to deliver practical solutions. The company is committed to finding sustainable business opportunities within the diverse markets and geographies it serves. A global company headquartered in Kingsport, Tenn., USA, Eastman had 2010 sales of $5.8 billion. For more information, visit www.eastman.com.

About Woodgrain Millwork, Inc.

With over 55 years in the millwork business, Woodgrain Millwork continues to build on the tradition of excellence as a market leader. Woodgrain's vertical integration strategy allows the company to bring high-quality products to the market at the lowest total cost of ownership. The diverse product offering includes: moulding, door shop products, wood stile and rail doors, moulded skin doors, patio doors, window parts and windows. For more information visit www.woodgraindistribution.com.


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