Wood Kote announces water-based Jel’d Stain H2O

Portland, OR -- Wood Kote Products Inc. has a new ultra low VOC water-based wipe-on pigment gelled interior wood stain sold under the trade name, Jel’d Stain H2O. The product fills a need in the commercial architectural application market for a product that is low VOC, low odor, non-flammable and easy to apply. The product can be applied with a cloth and can be recoated within 2-4 hours. Jel’d Stain H2O intended for a wide variety of interior applications. Jel’d Stain H2O does not run or drip and therefore is often used on overhead work and on intricate surfaces such as panel doors, cabinets, paneling, stairway railings and balusters.

Jel’d Stain H2O is available in 11 stock colors plus Natural. The product may be tinted to create a range of custom colors. Jel’d Stain H2O can be used with other Wood Kote products such as grainfillers, glazes and over VOC exempt dye stains. Wood Kote recommends that Jel’d Stain H2O be top-coated with Clear and Clean water-based polyurethane or Clear and Clean II, a catalyzed version of the same product. Jel’d Stain H2O and Clear and Clean each contain less than 250 grams per liter of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Coatings with lower VOC levels are associated with the reduction of ground-level ozone.

Wood Kote Products Inc formulated many of its products to meet the requirements of the (California) South Coast Air Quality Management District. Many other regions throughout the world are adopting similar regulations. Architects and specifiers are voluntarily selecting low VOC coatings as their contribution toward a cleaner and better environment.

About Wood Kote Products Inc:

Wood Kote Products Inc has been developing and manufacturing quality wood finishing products since 1945. Since the beginning, Wood Kote products have been formulated to enhance and preserve the beauty of wood. Wood Kote offers a wide range of products including wood bleach, grain fillers, sealers, stains, glazes plus lacquers and polyurethanes. Wood Kote is a tri-lingual (English, French and Spanish) company. Our domestic and international marketing efforts are directed toward commercial architectural applications. Wood Kote welcomes the opportunity to be of assistance to applicators and specifiers.

Wood Kote, Jel’d Stain, Clear and Clean and WoodPerfect are registered trademarks or trade names of Wood Kote Products Inc.

SOURCE: Wood Kote Products Inc.


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