VT Industries Announces Additional STC Ratings

HOLSTEIN, IA – As the market continues to demand more STC rated doors, VT Industries announces over 50 new and improved Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating approvals. VT has significantly improved our STC offering to meet the requirements and expectations of architects, engineers, contractors, and building owners.

VT’s STC door products offer several door types to meet most building Sound Transmission Class (STC) performance requirements. With enhanced STC ratings, these doors are ideal for applications where enhanced acoustical reduction is necessary, including schools, universities, government buildings, private offices, auditoriums, theaters, and libraries. VT’s STC rated doors, combined with multiple gasket seal systems and frames, have been laboratory tested to ensure design, building code, and LEED performance.

LEED Requirements

LEED 2009 For Schools – Indoor Air Quality Credit 9, requires classrooms and other core learning spaces meet STC requirements for the ANSI Standard S12.60-2002. Several STC ratings for interior doors are referenced within the standard, depending on the location of the learning space. STC 30 is the minimum requirement for all classroom doors, and music room doors require a minimum STC rating requirement of STC 40.

VT Industries offers interior architectural wood doors with STC ratings ranging from STC 30 to STC 51 and carry up to a 90-minute fire rating. Committed to providing the finest architectural wood doors on the market, VT continues to secure additional STC ratings as well as manufacturing doors that assist in achieving LEED credits, and meet GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Standards. Additional information regarding VT’s STC rated doors can be found online at VTIndustries.com/doors/information.aspx under the OPG tab.

Source: VT Industries


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