U-C Coatings To Demonstrate Bates Glue Release at IWF 2014
June 26, 2014 | 8:03 am CDT
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U-C Coatings To Demonstrate Bates Glue Release at IWF 2014BUFFALO, NY -- The International Woodworking Fair (IWF) 2014 in Atlanta, GA, USA sets the stage for woodworking, cabinetry and furniture manufacturing suppliers to show their products to an international audience. Attendees will see the latest innovations in furniture manufacturing and trends in design.

U∙C Coatings will present their line of Bates products for the furniture manufacturing industry. The product line includes Glue Release products to protect gluing equipment by creating an efficient, environmentally-friendly way to remove dried glue mess from equipment involved in adhesive or resin application processes.

“U∙C Coatings is well-known throughout the hardwood industry for our Anchorseal protective end-coating used in processing logs & lumber. At IWF, we have a great opportunity to show the world our Bates protective coatings used in manufacturing wood furniture and other wood products”, remarked Tom Johel, UCC president.

Bates BC, Bates HTR-1 and Bates HTR-4 glue release products protect gluing equipment by acting as a barrier between the machinery and the glue. In production, the glue sticks to the temporary barrier coating and can be removed with a paint scraper. No damaging hammer and chisel, no harsh or hazardous chemicals are used to clean equipment when Bates Glue Release coatings become part of the production routine. Bates Glue Release products are applied to clean equipment, and allowed to dry. Production begins and glue squeeze-out or over-spray sticks to the coating. After production the hardened glue is easily scraped off the equipment. Then Bates is re-applied to the equipment and ready for the next production period. Bates Glue release products are made for Cold or High temperature glues, and can be used on clamps and clamp carriers, roll coaters, spray booths, finger jointer/crowders, and presses/compression molders. Ask a sales representative for more information to determine the correct Bates Glue Release product for your application. Be sure to see a product demonstration at U∙C Coatings booth #2075 at IWF 2014. Show dates are August 20-23, 2014.

For more information contact: U∙C Coatings, PO Box 1066, Buffalo, NY 14215 USA; Phone: +1-716-833-9366, Fax: +1-716-833-0120, Toll-free US/CN only: 1-800-363-2628; E-mail: [email protected] Website: UCCoatings.com

Source: U∙C Coatings

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