Top Knobs employs three "R's" as part of a company-wide greening strategy
August 15, 2011 | 3:40 pm CDT

Hillsborough, NJ -- Top Knobs, known for their exceptional kitchen cabinet hardware, will soon be known for their adaptation to Earth-friendly polices. The cabinet
hardware company is working hard to incorporate the three "R's"  - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to both conserve and diminish waste.
"We are fortunate to provide a product that is so clearly recyclable," states David Tyler VP of Marketing for Top Knobs. "However, it doesn't mean that our green story has to stop there. We are making efforts big and small to help further reduce, reuse and recycle at Top Knobs as part of our overall greening strategy for the future."
With the exception of a small number of combination ceramic/granite knobs and pulls, the materials used in creating Top Knobs' attractive hardware lines are made from solid metal that's easy and efficient to recycle. Top Knobs designs knobs and pulls from a single, solid metal source to help the recycling process. Single metal pieces are more efficient to recycle since they require low amounts of energy to break down. Top Knobs employs steel, bronze, iron and brass - all recyclable materials. They also use zinc alloy where molding complexity requires it and zinc too is recyclable. In addition, most of the metal used in production is recycled. Top Knobs' factories are instructed to purchase recycled metal whenever possible and available.
Top Knob's offices, factories and warehouses also use 100% recycled paper. All brochures, catalogs and even packing materials are printed on certified recycled paper.
Top Knobs is constantly working to reduce unnecessary packaging materials. Instead of individually wrapping mass orders in bulky containers, Top Knobs packages like orders collectively in one package in order to cut down significantly on unnecessary packaging waste.

Source: Top Knobs



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