TL Energy by Trans-Lux Introduces New 300° LED T8 Tube Lamps
July 30, 2013 | 8:56 pm CDT
TL Energy by Trans-Lux Introduces New 300° LED T8 Tube Lamps

Norwalk, CT – Trans-Lux introduces new 300° T8 LED Tube Lamps under its TL Energy brand that sets new standards in illumination and savings. By efficiently directing light out of standard fixtures on a 300° arc, the new T8 Tube Lamps further reduce electricity consumption and generate less heat while delivering high quality lighting at the optimal beam angle. In addition, the new lamps are frosted to replicate the look and feel of conventional fluorescent lighting while delivering significant reductions in energy use and greenhouse gas emission as well as five times the useful life of a traditional fluorescent tube lamp. Available with an output of either 1800 or 2050 lumens, these highly efficient T8 LED Lamps fit into existing fixtures making them ideal for mainstream applications.

TL Energy by Trans-Lux Introduces New 300° LED T8 Tube Lamps“These new 300° T8 LED Tube Lamps redefine how facility managers will look at LED replacements for antiquated fluorescent lighting,” said J.M. Allain, President and Chief Executive Officer, Trans-Lux. “By offering two versions in 1800 and 2050 lumens, these new lamps provide the perfect balance of high quality lighting with exceptional energy savings, all while offering customers an enhanced environmental image.”

The new TL Energy 300° T8 LED Tube Lamps were designed to specifically meet the needs of users looking to maintain the look and feel of their conventional fluorescent tube lamps while delivering incredible Return on Investment (ROI) due to lower consumption, dramatically reduced maintenance costs, and lower heat output. The major drawback of most other LED Tube Lamps is the severely limiting 120° beam angle in which light is directed. TL Energy recognized the negative impact this can have on a business’ work environment and designed the revolutionary 300° beam angle, successfully supplying a wider and more useful distribution of light.

LED lighting leads the way as a sustainable technology with proven ROI. LED lights are mercury free and therefore do not require special recycling for hazardous waste and do not emit any ultraviolet rays or create toxic waste. They use less energy than conventional lighting and can reduce energy consumption and emissions by as much as 50-80%. LED lights also produce better quality light, are impervious to vibration, and are expected to last up to 50,000 hours.

Trans-Lux Corporation is a leading designer and manufacturer of LED lighting under the TL Energy brand for the financial, sports and entertainment, gaming, hospitality, education, government and commercial markets. TL Energy offers a comprehensive portfolio of LED lighting products supported by innovative sales programs that makes it easy, convenient and cost-efficient for organizations to upgrade to LED lighting. The turnkey program, “Lighting for Life” includes project management, survey configuration and engineering recommendations, rebates and incentives, removal and disposal of existing lighting, LED light bulb installation and ongoing maintenance.

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Trans-Lux Corporation (TNLX) is a leading designer and manufacturer of TL Vision digital video displays and TL Energy LED lighting solutions for the financial, sports and entertainment, gaming, education, government, and commercial markets. With a comprehensive offering of LED Large Screen Systems, LCD Flat Panel Displays, Data Walls and scoreboards (marketed under Fair-Play by Trans-Lux), Trans-Lux delivers comprehensive video display solutions for any size venue’s indoor and outdoor display needs. TL Energy enables organizations to greatly reduce energy related costs with green lighting solutions. For more information please visit

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