Tailored Living Offers You Their Secrets to Garage Organization
July 10, 2013 | 8:26 am CDT

ORANGE, CA--The U.S. Department of Energy released findings that stated 25 percent of people with two car garages don't park any cars in that space and a mere 32 percent only park a single car. Now, the reason for this could be because many people use their garage as an exercise room or home gym, but the more likely reason is that there isn't enough room for the cars due to the excess clutter contained within.

Does this sound familiar to you? Do you and your family fall into this category? If so, there are garage storage solutions you can implement to reclaim the space in your garage for its intended purpose of storing a car. If you open your garage door and become disheartened to organize because there is just SO much clutter, then follow these simple steps from your friends at Tailored Living to help you get a garage organization system specially designed for your needs.

Before you start organizing, take a brief look at everything in your garage and determine which items are absolutely necessary and then decide on what objects can be stored and finally determine which you definitely don't need. At this phase, if you're asking yourself, "But how will I know if I need it for sure or not?" Then ask yourself a few questions. Is it broken? Have I used it at all in the past year? In the case of old clothing, toys and knick-knacks, ask yourself, would someone in need make better use of this? The answers to those questions will help you determine whether to donate or recycle your excess clutter.

Once you have decided what you need and what you don't need, think about how you can implement various garage organization ideas to store your items. Some of those garage organization tips include:

Garage Cabinets
Customized garage storage cabinets are one of the best ways to keep important garage items like power tools or crafting equipment items safe from children behind closed doors.

Gridwall Racks
Gridwalls are the ultimate garage organization tool. Once a gridwall rack is a part of your garage organization system, you can attach almost any type of carrier or holder; from attachments that hold bikes, balls and tools, to attachments that hold gear, sports equipment and gardening supplies.

Garage Shelves and Overhead storage
Overhead garage shelving offers extra storage and is a great organization solution for you to create more space in your garage. By adding more space with garage shelving and overhead storage, you just might have enough room to park your car where it belongs, in the garage. Overhead storage allows you to keep floor AND wall space clear for garage cabinets, gridwall racks, or workbenches.

Drop-off Bins
Drop-off bins that pull out or tilt out of a shelf or cabinet are the perfect place to store outside toys, frequently used sports equipment, and dirty clothing, before it gets tracked into the house. Drop-off bins are great organization solutions for anything that that needs to be dropped off and picked up easily.

About TAILORED LIVING: Tailored Living began as Closet Tailors in 2006. After experiencing rapid growth, Closet Tailors formed a strategic alliance with PremierGarage in 2010 and changed its name to Tailored Living to better reflect its all-encompassing home organizational solutions. In 2011, Tailored Living acquired the PremierGarage brand name, immediately making it the largest whole-home organization company in the nation. Tailored Living's independently owned and operated franchises proudly offer high quality storage solutions for garages, closets, pantries, mudrooms, home offices and more through complimentary in-home consultations. This includes design, measuring and installation services, specifically adapted to each client's needs. For more information on Tailored Living, please call 1-800-519-6296 or visit www.tailoredliving.com. For franchise opportunities, visit www.tailoredlivingfranchise.com. Connect with Tailored Living on Facebook for exclusive design tips and exclusive offers by visiting https://www.facebook.com/TailoredLiving.

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