Steven Blackburn Suggests Vegalab Products for Bamboo Propagation
October 20, 2014 | 1:43 pm CDT

WEST PALM BEACH, FL - Bamboo is most commonly known to grow in Asia but the number of bamboo farmers in the United States is growing rapidly. This hardy, multi-species plant grows quickly, with some species growing up to four feet a day. This rapid growth provides an ongoing supply of bamboo that is used for many diverse purposes, from farmers wanting to keep their land safe from erosion to manufacturers looking to build furniture and flooring. It is also good for the environment, as it produces 35% more oxygen the average tree.

Most people assume that bamboo is a species of plant which is difficult, if not impossible, to grow in the Western Hemisphere. However, if the conditions are right this is simply not the case. To get an idea of how to grow bamboo in North America, Vegalab's Business Development Manager Steven Blackburn set up his own bamboo farm in Florida. With 19 acres of bamboo, he has found that it is possible to grow healthy bamboo in the US. Different species fare better in different conditions, so, finding the right species of bamboo for the environment in which you intend to grow it, is crucial, as is using the right fertilizers.

Even though bamboo can thrive in the West, the right method of cultivation needs to be employed to be successful. Vegalab, an international manufacturer for sustainable and environmentally responsible agricultural products, has developed a fertilizer that can improve bamboo growth more than any other technique. Their variety of all-natural fertilizers are formulated specifically for different climates and species of bamboo. When Steven Blackburn tried the fertilizer on his own bamboo farm, he was astonished by the results. Using his own personal experience, Blackburn and his company offer their expert advice on their products to farmers looking to increase or improve their bamboo crop.

A successful entrepreneur, health advocate and IT expert, Steven Blackburn is constantly looking for sustainable ways to improve the environment. Unlike most Development Managers, he is not motivated by money but by the positive influence he and his company can have on the world. He lives by his own personal mantra "Do what you love, money will follow". With a diverse background in areas such as information technology, software, fertilizers, pesticides and agriculture, he has combined his experience to get the best results in his endeavors. Together with Vegalabs, he has contributed to creating countless all-natural products. Currently residing in West Palm Beach, Florida with his family, he considers himself a student of life and strives to live the healthy lifestyle that his companies promote.

Source: Steven Blackburn


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