Specialized Children & Baby Stores Drive Growth in Brazil

SHANGHAI- The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) reports that around five babies are born per minute in Brazil. Taking into consideration this Brazilian market research, a middle-class family spends approximately US$3,000 for baby clothing alone for the first year of the child's life.

In Brazil, the market for maternity, babies and children's products and services is developing rapidly. For this reason, Brazilian manufacturers and suppliers are aware of this opportunity and they want to grasp and take hold of this niche market. They are now increasingly focused on launching specialized stores, offering products and services capitalizing on this market.

The megastore model, where the customer used to find all kinds of baby products in only one place, gave way to specialized companies such as baby furniture stores, baby clothing and accessories. This new shape of business is making the children's market grow in all regions of the country, offering a distinguished service with a great value added to the product.

Mariane Tichauer of Itte, an importer and distributor of pregnancy, infant and children's products, illustrates the trend: "Our focus is on different products. We want to source innovative products and brands from all over the world to sell exclusively in Brazil."

Mariane, who was a first-time mom four years ago, experienced the difficulty of finding clothes and accessories that suited her lifestyle. "It was all very childish and it was weird to see a woman carrying a pink plastic bag with a Mickey Mouse stamp," said the entrepreneur. Mariane saw opportunity in this. She decided to leave her job in the telecommunications field and started researching and visiting babies and children's products exhibitions.

At the end of her research, she signed a contract with three international brands, and today distributes a line of 130 products throughout Brazil. The company's earnings in 2012 (which was the second year of Itte's launch), reached US$1 million. "We are doing well. Our focus now is at least double that income in 2013," says Mariane, the successful entrepreneur.

Tapping the booming South American child, baby and maternity products market

With over 12 years industry expertise, Shanghai International Children Baby Maternity Industry Expo (CBME China) – the world's largest sourcing event for child, baby and maternity products – will launch the first B2B child, baby and maternity products expo in Sao Paolo, Brazil, South America, in August 2013.

CBME South America will open its doors from August 27-29, 2013, at the Transamerica Expo Center, Sao Paulo Brazil. Industry trends, latest innovations, new products, equipment and services will be presented by more than 120 exhibitors to over 4,000 professional visitors at CBME South America.

This is the perfect venue to find children's, baby and maternity products and distributors in Brazil and South America. CBME South America is the only trade show in South America focused on the entire line of children's and baby products, toys and accessories. This is a perfect business platform for child, baby and maternity product buyers, manufacturers, distributors and suppliers to meet and do business in one venue.

For more information, please visit: www.cbmesa.com.br

Source: UBM Asia




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