Space Age Closets Comments on the Quality of Suit Hangers
October 20, 2014 | 3:18 pm CDT

Space Age Closets Comments on the Quality of Suit HangersToronto, Canada – Space Age Closets, Toronto and the GTA’s top choice for custom closets, wall units, kitchen designs, and all other custom cabinetry, is announcing why it’s important to have quality suit hangers.

“Certain hangers are better suited for certain items of clothing,” says Harry Levinson, senior designer at Space Age Closets. “We see it all the time: people overlooking the value of a quality hanger and how that affects the lifespan of their clothes.”

On top of affecting the longevity of your clothes, hangers can also have an impact on the shape of the clothing. Levinson explains that for suits and tuxedos especially, the type of hanger they are stored on is very important. It needs to be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the jacket and ensure that the collar and shoulders remain close to their original form or reflect the shape of the owner’s shoulders.

“The width of the hangers should be shoulder to shoulder without extending beyond the point where the shoulder meets sleeve,” he adds. “Suits spend more time on the hanger than they do on your shoulders; that fact alone should qualify its significance.”

“Having created custom closets in the GTA for over 30 years, we at Space Age Closets suggest consumers look at hangers as an investment. As a product, they have a long life span and are directly linked to the maintenance of most items of clothing, suits in particular,” Levinson concludes. “Creating custom closets in the GTA has led Space Age Closets to share a passion for everything related to organizing custom closets, and that includes quality hangers.”

Space Age Closets offers custom closets and shelving to homes across the GTA. With over 30 years of experience, Space Age Closets is able to custom design walk-in closets, custom kitchen cabinets, custom wall units for the living room, sliding doors, game rooms, and much more. The company’s in-home consultation is free and it offers a satisfaction guarantee. Space Age Closets has a solution and design for every area of your home and provides them at an affordable price. And because Space Age Closets is an all-Canadian company, customers are guaranteed high-quality products with longer lifespans. To book a free consultation, or to learn more about Space Age Closets, visit the web site, check out the showroom at 4242 Dundas Street West in South Etobicoke, or call Space Age Closets at 416-239-1202.

Source: Space Age Closets

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