SCM Group, Once Again Protagonists at LIGNA

Ideas and technologies, innovation, passion and design will be the keywords that will mark the participation of the Italian group in the forthcoming edition of Ligna in Hanover from 6 to 10 May 2013.

“A presence that intends to illustrate what the Scm Group is today: a large, strong industrial group, engaged in conceiving and creating innovative technologies that give substance to ideas, that make production more simple, efficient, economic and competitive”. That's how Raphaël Prati on 5 February in Berlin, during a preview dedicated to the German press, described the themes that will characterize the presence at the forthcoming Ligna in Hanover.

“In recent years we have governed a new evolution of our sixty-year history”, continued the Group Communications Director. “In a difficult economic situation we have refocused on our business approach, on our constant search for a more effective partnership with our customers: from the small craftsman to the large corporation which needs to produce in large volumes. With the utmost attention to what we believe to be the true, essential revolution, that is, to make complex things simple…”.

Technological expertise, production capacity, process knowledge, closeness to users: all this will be summarized in three stands of over 2,600 square meters in hall 25 (industrial solutions), hall 11 (carpentry solutions) and hall 26 (industrial components), whose image has been designed in collaboration with BLOOMLAB, a prestigious architecture and design firm that boasts many and well-known partners. They have been working with the SCM Group to create the ”egg” which symbolized the “birth” of six-axis machining centers in the world of wood, presented at the “Technodomus”, in Rimini, in April 2012. BLOOMLAB has therefore been given the task of studying a set-up able to clearly and consistently convey the messages that today the Scm Group intends to transmit.


The presentation during the Ligna will first of all demonstrate the ability of the Scm Group to generate technological innovation. Continuously and in all sectors in which the thirty brands of the group are active.

Hiteco, the brand focused on production of electrospindles, drilling units, robotic units and worktops, offering optimal performance for both group solutions as well as for the most prestigious Italian and international industrial companies, will be in Hall 26.

There will be many innovative machines, systems and new or profoundly renewed work cells on show with the possibility to see them at work. Solutions designed to deliver real benefits to users, able to collaborate in the production of improved objects and elements, more easily, with lower costs and in less time.


With this pay-off the Scm Group emphasizes its vocation in the “Industrial” field, that is, “high end” solutions for large-scale production.

From the “Housing” division – technologies for those dealing with the home as a “shell” – like the new versions of the “Accord” work center series for window frames and solid wood in general, of particular interest, in addition to the “Dogma” angular work center and the powerful “Superset” moulder.

For the first time, the Scm Group will present a number of work cells, true “factories” at the Ligna. Among these, the innovative cell, whose name will be revealed at the event, dedicated to the production of window frames and solid wood machining, able to work without supervision, to the benefit of increased productivity. A highly automated solution for batch production, but with which it is also easy to manage special pieces, particular shaped window frames, one-off pieces. Productivity and at the same time total flexibility, small working dimensions and the opportunity for a rapid return on investment also make this incredible solution accessible to small and medium-sized frame makers.

These principles characterize the three work cells presented by the “Furniture” division, designed for a market seeking more integrated production systems. Not to be missed are the cutting cell proposed by Gabbiani, the boring cell by Morbidelli and the “Easy Order Az” by Stefani, a “smart” one-batch edgebanding cell which checks a thousands times per second all the operations being carried out, reaching unthinkable levels of efficiency and versatility: whatever the daily production volume – from three kitchens to a living room, a single shelf for furnishing an office – using the “Easy Order Az” is always cost-effective.

An example of the possibilities that are common to this segment of the Scm Group offer.


Great commitment also on the “historic” side of the Italian group, that is, further evolution of the machines identified by the red logo. Minimax proposes robust, compact, safe and easy to use classic machines, created for the demanding hobbyist but also chosen by wood professionals.

Scm offers “stand alone” solutions, dedicated to made-to-measure production but designed for small batches, for the evolved craftsman, machines capable of high performance thanks to the significant technological content, for maximum finished product quality and easy and intuitive operation. Because it is important to make simple even the most complex operation or machining …

In the forefront are the new developments on the “L'Invincibile range, a brand that distinguishes the higher end of classic Scm machines. At Ligna, in Hall 11, as many as 28 machines, including completely new solutions or solutions with new aggregates will be on show, demonstrating that even when demand is less “stimulating”, the Scm Group has continued its commitment to research and innovation in all sectors, from panel sizing to classic machines, from edgebanding to boring, from finishing to work centres.

The “Olimpic K 660” edgebanding machines, the “TI 145 Ep Class” electronic spindle moulder with programmer and tilting shaft and the new Scm “Tech Z1 pro space boring and milling work center will certainly be the talk of the show. Ligna will be the baptism for this work center, “designed for all carpentry workshops”, which requires limited space and has technical features enabling greater productivity, with extremely short set up times and – once again – great ease of use. All at a decidedly affordable price. But to find out more, we are of course looking forward to seeing you at Ligna 2013!


The common denominator of all the technologies presented at Ligna by the SCM Group is its commitment to make every operation absolutely simple and intuitive; thanks, for example, to the “Watch” line supervisor, to the “Tecpad” remote control CNC console and to the new functionalities of “Professor Pappagallo” which enable operators to manage every process with great ease. Because, we repeat once again, the challenge lies in making complex things simple!


The Scm Group at Ligna 2013 will provide a further demonstration of its ability to create solutions with maximum respect for the environment, in all its forms, with the desire to provide concrete economic advantages for users.

Particular attention will be focused on the potential of the “Savenergy” packages which characterize all group machines and solutions. A set of innovations, components, aggregates and expedients which - specifically applied to individual machines and for different production processes - will allow a reduction in consumption (energy and materials) and less wear of parts. Measurable savings, therefore, perfectly quantifiable.


At Ligna 2013 the spotlight will also be on the more mature and conscious relationship with the design world. For over sixty years, the Scm Group has been working with craftsmen, firms and large industries which every day also focus on design solutions with wood, marble, plastic, composite materials and glass. Producing simple consumer goods, doors, propellers for wind farms, windows, houses, aircraft parts, stairs, ship hulls, glasses, furniture…

Design. idea, planning and creation. The Scm Group is aware of its contribution and has chosen to support particularly significant experiences, to propose itself as a technology partner for well-known companies, emphasizing in this way its mission: create tools so that others can give shape to an idea!

The Scm Group has worked alongside Pininfarina in building the prototype, entirely in wood, of a concept car, the "Cambiano”, which is a paradigm of Italian style, creativity and ingenuity.

The Scm Group is linked to Riva1920, a world-renowned “made in Italy” brand which needs no introduction, by a relationship of technical cooperation, respect and sharing of the love for wood. A common effort was made on the project for the restoration of the briccole of Venice, through international idea competitions promoted by Riva 1920 which has seen the participation of hundreds of engineers and designers from all over the world, as well as thirty or so “archistars” like Paolo Piva, Enzo Mari, Alessandro Mendini, Karim Rashid, Mario Botta, Thomas Herzog, Terry Dwan and Paola Navone…

Scm machines are at work in the carpentry workshops of San Patrignano, where both wood and human beings undergo a transformation… A true partnership created for the “Barrique, the third life of wood” project for the creation of objects and furniture with wood of the barrique, the barrels in which wine is mellowed. Design objects, works that will soon leave for a travelling exhibition in the United States on which the Scm Group is also actively working.

Prestigious partners with whom the Scm Group was present in January, for the first time, at Imm-International MoebelMesse; at the Milan Furniture Fair, where the group will return next April with a major project dedicated to wood with new and important partnerships.


Show what we have worked on in recent months. Provide a real advantage to our partners. Leverage our extensive experience to create increasingly powerful tools. Fully express our passion for wood, our faith in a splendid, natural, ecological material. Be at the side of those who, like us, want to build better objects and experiences. Create technologies that make it easier to give shape to an idea.

Here's what we will take to the Ligna 2013: advanced technologies, software, mechatronics, ability to process data and information at high speed, “tangible” performance, ability to get the best out of a panel or a piece of wood. But also design, desire, confidence, passion, discussion, creativity, emotions, collaboration.

We look forward to seeing you at Ligna 2013, from 6 to 10 May 2013.

You will find us in halls 25, 11 and 26: we will show you all this!

Source: Scm Group S.p.A


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