Reagan's Closet Stays Back to Basics With Wooden Toys

Reagan's Closet Stays Back to Basics With Wooden Toys Carmichael, Calif. - Reagan's Closet is proud to announce the introduction of their newest line of wooden toys and wooden puzzles to expand their growing online catalog. The new collection of wooden toys and puzzles is designed to promote educational and creative play and allow children to use their imagination.

Lanaya Cooper, owner of Reagan's Closet, is working with Wooden Giraffe Toys to provide the most recent line of children's puzzles and toys. "Wooden toys are all about bringing creative play back into the home. It's about going back to the basics! Not only are they educational for our children but it stimulates their imagination," said Cooper.

Reagan's Closet Stays Back to Basics With Wooden Toys The introduction of additional wooden toys and children's puzzles to Reagan's Closet online catalog enforces their commitment to encourage parents to be proactive in their children's active play. "Society is so caught up in education via electronics but we forget that sitting in front of a computer screen, TV or iPad all day with it's various applications can do little for the imagination," Cooper emphasizes.

Wooden Giraffe Toys has been handcrafting wooden toys in their workshop in Logan, Utah priding themselves for uniqueness in each toy made. "Each toy is hand crafted and unique. The wood we use to make each toy has its grain and color characteristics which make each toy both beautiful and unique. We apply an environmentally safe, all natural, oil wax finish that is hand rubbed to bring out the beauty of the wood's unique characteristics," says Karen George, owner of Wooden Giraffe Toys. "Many of our toys have special features that make them child safe and easy to use, like our magnetic connectors on our crayon truck and train."

Reagan's Closet Stays Back to Basics With Wooden Toys Handcrafted and made in America are two components Reagan's Closet is proud to state when it comes to their online catalog. The dual goal for both Reagan's Closet and Wooden Giraffe Toys is to provide toys that are designed to engage children in creative play and to help them develop their imagination through play.

"We have so much fun creating our toys and bringing joy to the children who play with them and are excited to be part of Reagan's Closet," says George.

"I'm overjoyed that Wooden Giraffe Toys is on board with Reagan's Closet," says Cooper. "Their wooden toys and puzzles are a perfect addition to helping us bring creative play back to basics."

Source: Reagan's Closet



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