One-2-One CNC workshop scheduled in April
August 15, 2011 | 10:41 pm CDT
One-2-One CNC workshop scheduled in April

Charlotte, NC -- CNC Machine Manufacturers, BIESSE and INTERMAC, are holding a One2One Event, April 7-8, 2011 in Charlotte, North Carolina in their Machine Demonstration Showroom and invite all qualified business professionals. This event, held only a few times a year in Canada and USA, is an opportunity for business professionals to exchange ideas and do some hands-on learning about new or proven solutions from trained and experienced machine specialists in woodworking, stone- and glass-fabrication.

This One2One Workshop Event is for businesses in woodworking, stone and glass fabrication. Attendees will hear from BIESSE engineers and expert technicians, and from other allied businesses in CNC software. Professionals can again expect hands-on learning workshop experiences, interactive machine demonstrations, automation solutions, brief seminars, and more.

Demonstrations will include the fabricating and milling of solid wood, wood panels, glass cutting and shaping, and stone cutting and fabrication. Through partner companies, attendees can learn more about the latest software automation. CNC machine expert, Mr. Cesare Magnani, declares, “Bring your application needs to this workshop to get some problem-solving ideas. Get another viewpoint on how to do things differently with automation.”

Attendees may attend short, practical, relevant seminars from experienced topical speakers at set times.

Interested business professionals and owners may register and attend this April 7-8 One2One event on Wood, Stone, Glass, and Advanced Materials. Organizers will offer lunch to attendees.

ABOUT BIESSE S.p.A. – Founded in 1969 in Pesaro, Italy, BIESSE S.p.A. is a leading manufacturer of wood, glass and stone fabrication equipment, supplying innovative engineering solutions to the panel machining and furniture making industries. # 1 in the manufacture and sale of CNC machines, Biesse S.p.A.’s products range from turnkey systems to individual machines, workstations and high-tech components. Along with an extensive global distribution network, Biesse S.p.A. has 18 subsidiaries on five continents and 2,400 employees.

BIESSE S.p.A.’s North American presence is comprised of woodworking divisions BIESSE America (Charlotte, NC) and BIESSE Canada (Montreal, QC), and INTERMAC America (Charlotte, NC), the company’s glass and stone division.


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