KBIS 2014: Häfele's Cabinet Lifts Help With Reaching Cabinets
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The Häfele family of lifts breaks the barrier of traditional cabinetry by lifting cabinet doors up and out of the way instead of swinging toward you. Additionally, the various lift options give designers more flexibility in their design. When utilized in high cabinets, Häfele lifts minimize a user’s effort because of their low, reachable handle, smooth operation and ability to remain in its open position regardless of how far it is opened. The lifts also save space by gliding up and out of the way, instead of swinging out in front, giving you complete access to stored items.

Häfele lifts have been improved to operate on a coil-spring system and offer a Soft & Silent feature to silently slide or swing the cabinet door open and close without a slam. This family of lifts is available in four different models to meet the needs of each kitchen.

• FREE – With the ability to operate in spaces with standard or low ceilings, FREE is ideal for one-piece doors above refrigerators or accent cabinets.

• SENSO – Two doors of equal height lift up and fold over. The middle hinges unsnap to prevent injury without damaging the hinge or the doors. The SENSO setting is ideal for heavier doors weighing up to 50 lbs.

• STRATO – The door glides parallel to the face of the cabinet and stays open at the position at which it is released. STRATO is ideal for use at eye level or for kitchens with high ceilings because of its parallel movement to the cabinet opening.

• VERSO – The door travels up and over the cabinet so homeowners can see everything in their cabinet. The VERSO stays in place at any opened position and soft close feature ensures that it smoothly closes without slamming.

Häfele lifts are designed for wood and aluminum framed doors. The arms and rods of SENSO, STRATO and VERSO are made of steel with a matt chrome finish, and the brackets and cover caps are made of plastic and come in silver. The FREE fitting is made of steel with a nickel-plated finish, while the cover caps are made of plastic and are available in grey.

Source: Häfele

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