FN Stone Adopts New Logo and Product Line Name: REVO

FN Stone Adopts New Logo and Product Line Name: REVOFARMINGDALE, NY -- FN Stone Inc. announced today a realigning and renaming of its product line. The goal of the name change is to leverage the strength of the Richter mark and product lines and to align its corporate and product brand identities.

"Effectively we are leveraging the phenomenal success of the R mark product line," said Tom Micciantuono, executive vice president of Sales and Marketing for FN Stone Inc. "with over 100 large corporate customers and 10's of thousands of end users ...satisfied customer today, we felt it was a good time to present our full product line under one family umbrella, Richter (capitalizing on the momentum of our family of products.)

FN Stone Inc. has adopted the mark and new REVO product name as a statement of the brands revolutionary and innovative product line. REVOSlate, REVOStone, REVONano, REVONafa, REVOLite and REVOBond By continuing to strengthen our corporate identity we will better position our company to our clients and the marketplace, emphasizing, partnership.

In addition to the name change, we will offer new Marketing materials, including a new Logo, visual identity, and new web site, www.richterrevo.com .

Source: FN Stone, Inc.


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