Eumabois to Exhibit at IWF Woodworking Show

Assago – Eumabois – the European federation of woodworking technology, tools and accessories manufacturers, gathering 13 national associations including over 800 European manufacturers – has issued the 2014 exhibition calendar that lists the events officially supported by the federation. Exhibitions have always been a key issue for the European federation, which has committed to limiting the proliferation of events that do not offer real business opportunities to companies, but on the contrary turn out to be a waste of energy and resources. This action consists of an accurate analysis of existing exhibitions, meetings with their organizers, direct verifications to identify the events that deserve the federation’s endorsement,

followed by a constant monitoring that the selection meets the real needs of reference markets and the service standards offered to visitors and exhibitors.

Again next year, as in 2013, two new exhibitions are joining the Eumabois network. They are IWF in Atlanta, scheduled in Atlanta (United States) from 20 to 23 August 2014, and Fenafor in Lima (Peru), from 23 to 25 October next year.

“These are two important additions, we might call them strategic”, said Ambrogio Delachi, Eumabois president. “The organizers of Iwf, a well-known and established exhibition, decided to join the network, following the example of their Awfs colleagues in Las Vegas, which takes turn with the Atlanta show in alternate years. Their entry “closes the loop”, providing industry companies with an effective coverage of the US market, which is definitely on top of the list of countries with the strongest demand for technology and accessories for the wood and furniture industry".

“With the Fenafor show in Lima – Delachi added – Eumabois is continuing its commitment in Latin America, establishing a partnership with a major exhibition that represents a promising market, with an increasing number of companies looking for safe, high-quality technology and higher productivity. In other words, different technological standards that are recording more and more interest also in this region and that European technology is ready to meet, leveraging its excellence".

Attached please find the list of 19 exhibitions included in the "Eumabois club”.




EXPOPROMUEBLE                              Mexico City (Mexico)               22/25 January

INDIAWOOD                                          Bangalore (India)                      21/25 February

WMF                                                       Beijing (China)                          25/28 February

HOLZ-HANDWERK                               Nuremberg (Germany)             26/29 March

XYLEXPO                                              Milan (Italy)                               13/17 May

WOODEX FOR AFRICA                       Johannesburg (South Africa)   5/7 June

FORMOBILE                                          Sao Paulo (Brazil)                     29 July - 1 August

IWF                                                         Atlanta (United States)             20/23 August

INTERNATIONALE HOLZMESSE       Klagenfurt (Austria)                  4/7 September

DREMA                                                  Poznan (Poland)                       16/19 September

LISDEREVMASH                                  Kiev (Ukraine)                          23/26 September

WOOD PROCESSING MACHINERY  Istanbul (Turkey)                      27 September - 1 October

LIGNUMEXPO                                       Nitra (Slovak Republic)            30 September - 3 October

W14-WORKING WITH WOOD             Birmingham (Great Britain)       5/8 October

ASEANWOOD-WOODTECH               Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)         8/11 October

LESDREVMASH                                   Moscow (Russia)                     20/23 October

FENAFOR                                              Lima (Peru)                               23/25 October

EXPOBOIS                                            Paris (France)                          17/20 November

WOODWORKING                                 Lathi (Finland)                           November

                                                                                                                  (dates to be defined)



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