Eumabois encourages woodworkers to “choose success”
This time - besides an analysis of the concept of efficiency, the seventh keyword of the “Choose the original - Choose success” campaign promoted by Eumabois in 2010 - we submit a text by Franz-Josef Buetfering, President of Eumabois.

An opportunity to draw a balance of the initiative and confirm our commitment in the future...

I have a lot to say on the occasion of the publication of this final document of the campaign "Choose the original - Choose success". First of all, I want to thank all industry magazines around the world that have offered their support, helping us reach a huge number of operators and address a very large audience. The furniture industry is going through a season of great difficulties but also big change and renovation, and today more than ever, it is vital to launch clear messages. This is an essential task for Eumabois – the European federation grouping the leading national Associations representing the manufacturers of machines and accessories for woodworking – which I am honored to chair.


The purpose of this campaign was not just to defend "made in Europe", but rather to provide hints for discussion, to define the concepts that a mature, aware and responsible industry cannot overlook.

For the past twenty-four months, we have talked about quality, hi-tech, know-how, reliability, safety and experience. Today’s concept is “efficiency” which, as I said, is the topic of this seventh and last article.

Efficiency is an easy word, but it implies complex meanings. I am sure this will be a “keyword” for the future, not only in our industry, but for the whole planet. But let’s start from our own industry: the constant growth of raw material prices is a key element in my short analysis, as this trend – combined with labor costs, that will gradually equalize all over the world sooner or later – magnifies the need to have more "efficient" production processes.

Efficiency means creating the best possible relationship between the effectiveness of a process (the achievement of the goal you have set) and a rational use of resources. So, “smart”, innovative technologies, born of experience and a clear vision of markets and their needs on one side, wood in all its variants and full potential on the other. This combination must be the starting point for an efficient process, which allows to reach the final goal within a short and definite time, effectively and affordably.

And mind you, this is not just a recipe for mature markets; it will increasingly involve those we call “emerging” markets, which are more and more involved in the search for new solutions to face the relentless increase of material and labor costs. They will also have to invest in efficiency, in bigger production volumes within the same time frame and at fixed costs. In this respect, “made in Europe" technology is highly reliable.


Efficiency is an essential value for an economy that is willing to find a better relationship with the planet’s resources. Wood is a renewable resource that always deserves great respect. It is a wonderful raw material, the core element of an endless number of operations that deliver an endless range of goods and products that walk on our side, that we use in any situation, that help us live a better life. The mission of wood is accomplished only at the end of a long production process, when the last scrap, the last piece of wood, recycled and recovered over and over, can still be used - but only then - as energy source.

This is a lesson that European technology has learned for several decades, adopting solutions that allow to reach very high efficiency rates: only a very small percentage of wood harvested in the forests is actually wasted. In this respect, I want to underline that wood is designed to manufacture objects and items, and not to be used as fuel, something to burn and destroy. The decision to support the use of wood to generate heat or energy with public subsidies is short-sighted, it is a strategy that can only empoverish all of us! We build timber houses, wooden furniture, accessories, implements, toys, doors and many other goods... let’s not use wood as if it were oil or coal, because it was created for a nobler and more intelligent use. Always with maximum efficiency!


In conclusion, let me reaffirm our great satisfaction for the results of this first Eumabois campaign. We acted with determination and, with the help of many, we have succeeded in delivering concepts we consider essential for the future of our industry.

We have lifted a veil, opened doors, established new contacts, found new opportunities. The results have gone beyond expectations, although we know this is just the beginning and we have a lot to do. Our seven keywords were instrumental in showing what's behind our industry, the intelligence and skills it can deploy, the investments it can make, and its willingness to be a proactive part in a world that never stops changing. If you choose the original, you choose success exactly for this reason; because behind a “simple” machine and a production line, there are concepts and truths like quality, hi-tech, know-how, reliability, safety, experience and efficiency.

This is the end of the first part of our job, but we will carry on: this is a long-term project and, as I mentioned, there are deep changes under way, and European technology still has a lot to say. Even in countries like Russia, China, Brazil and South America, or South East Asia, where it will not be difficult to explain that, if you pay a slightly higher price for a European machine, an original machine, you provide your company with reliable, effective, safe, simple... and cost-effective tools!

Franz-Josef Buetfering
Eumabois President

EUMABOIS PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN “Choose the original – choose success” is the slogan of Eumabois’ campaign to defend “original products” against low-cost imitations. A campaign that in 2009-2010 has taken the form of seven articles highlighting the seven strengths of originality, in other words, quality, high technology, know-how, reliability, safety, experience and efficiency.

EUMABOIS is a non profit Federation grouping 13 national Associations (Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany Italy, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovak Republic, Spain and Switzerland) representing the major European manufacturers of machines and accessories for woodworking. Approximately 800 industrial companies, accounting for 56 percent of global industry production, belong to Eumabois. All Member Companies are engaged in the manufacturing of machines, plants and accessories for all kinds of operations on wood and wood-based materials.

SOURCE: European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers

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