Ensure Wood Bioenergy Project Sustainability with Forest2Fuel
July 29, 2013 | 2:49 pm CDT
Ensure Wood Bioenergy Project Sustainability with Forest2Fuel

Forest2Market, a premier provider of wood bioenergy project support services, released a new video that demonstrates the value of its Forest2Fuel product line to wood bioenergy companies as they navigate the complexities of sustainable supply throughout the project lifecycle. The video, Ensure Wood Bioenergy Project Sustainability with Forest2Fuel, features Bioenergy Practice Manager Stan Parton.

Parton walks viewers through a hypothetical bioenergy project that demonstrates the value of Forest2Fuel services from the earliest stages of development through financing, execution and ongoing operations. The video is available for viewing on the Forest2Market website, Vimeo and YouTube.

Parton noted, “Participants in the bioenergy industry use Forest2Fuel project support services to inform complex decisions. They use our studies to identify project sites, plan feedstock procurement strategies and improve operational efficiency. Our studies arm project owners with the tools they need to prove project quality to financial partners.”

Forest2Fuel services include feasibility studies, tipping point analyses, site selection studies, wood fuel indexing for supply and off-take agreements and price benchmarks that buyers and sellers of wood fuel use to compare their procurement performance to, and improve their positions in, the market.

“Accurate market data is the key industry participants need to resolve complex issues in the bioenergy project development process,” said Suzanne Hearn, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Forest2Market. “Our knowledge of the wood biomass supply chain is informed by our data – the most extensive forest biomass transactional database available. Better data equals better decision making, and the depth and breadth of Forest2Market’s information allows for unparalleled insight into biomass supply chains.”

Ensure Wood Bioenergy Project Sustainability with Forest2Fuel is the company’s second video. Forest2Market’s first video, Origins, featured the story of the company's inception and growth through 2012.

About Forest2Market

Forest2Market, Inc. empowers participants in the forest, wood products, recovered fiber and bioenergy industries to make exponentially better-informed decisions through the strategic application of industry expertise and unique price databases. Founded in 2000 by President and CEO Pete Stewart, Forest2Market is the sole source of transaction-based data available in the marketplace. Possessing over 40 years of experience in the forest products and renewable energy sectors, Stan Parton – Manager, Bioenergy Practice – oversees the Forest2Fuel product line for buyers and sellers of renewable energy fuels.

Source: Forest2Market

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