DiggersList expands online home improvement classified
August 15, 2011 | 10:39 pm CDT
Los Angeles, CA. —The widespread demand from discount-hungry do-it-yourselfers has accelerated online home improvement classified DiggersList’s expansion to cover every corner of the U.S.

The expansion means that any U.S. homeowner looking to buy, sell or donate home improvement material can log on to DiggersList.com and reap the rewards of deep discounts or sell garage clutter for cash on the popular website. Do-it-yourselfers from places like Portland, Ore., St. Louis and Pittsburg — who have been flooding DiggersList with requests that the online classifieds come to their city for months — now have the answer to their home improvement hassles.

“We’ve received a flood of requests, all over the country, to open up new cities. So we have decided to fast-forward our plans and bring DiggersList to the entire country ahead of schedule.” said Matt Knox, CEO and Co-founder of DiggersList.

The re-designed DiggersList takes advantage of geo-locating technology to determine a visitor's location and show them discounted home improvement items available in their area.

“Ever since the explosion of smart mobile devices, like the iPhone, people expect their mobile services to know where they are. We’ve created that same experience for our users online. DiggersList users will now be presented with listings that are geographically relevant to them – automatically,” said Johnnie Munger, CTO and Co-Founder.

A growing national relationship with Habitat for Humanity ReStores — discount home improvement stores that sell donated items to fund the non-profit’s philanthropic home-building mission — is boosting the national inventory of discount home improvement items for sale on DiggersList. The website is working with over 100 ReStores around the country to both post their discounted inventory on the site, and to accept donations from DiggersList visitors who want to donate their items for charity. Approximately 700 ReStores operate across the nation, and DiggersList will continue to form partnerships with these discount stores to offer their items on the site and increase donations to their stores, said Knox.

DiggersList Growth

The fast-paced expansion of DiggersList, which launched in October 2009 and grew to cover 43 cities within a year, is a product of a national appetite for expense-cutting home improvement solutions, and the common sense re-use ethic of the site that encourages homeowners to profit from items they would often dump in a landfill or leave to collect dust in their garage.

DiggersList’s waste-reducing re-use, and cost-cutting discounts have resonated with homeowners from California to New York, and Chicago to Louisiana.

Given DiggersList’s remarkable growth during the depths of a deep recession, Knox expects the newly unveiled national site to grow at an even higher rate as the housing market slowly recovers, but homeowners, contractors and do-it-yourselfers still seek cost-conscious ways to remodel.

Some of the things that drive the inventory of DiggersList are that contractors typically order 10 percent more material than needed for a project, and are left with material that must be sold, donated or stored. And individual homeowners often find themselves in similar situations following a project — leftover material or a replaced appliance often sits in the garage with nowhere to go. DiggersList is an appealing alternative for those contractors and homeowners.

Designers, contractors and homeowners also visit the site to look for the one-of-a-kind antique or design element that can’t be found in a Home Depot or Lowe’s.

“DiggersList has become the go-to, online destination for everyone from frugal homeowners to high-end designers,” said Knox. “We are proud to expand the website’s reach so that homeowners across the nation can finish a project with more cash in their pocket, less clutter in their garage, and be part of a trend of re-using, not disposing of, valuable home improvement items.”

About DiggersList

DiggersList launched in October 2009 with online home improvement classifieds in nine cities. Today, the site has grown to cover the entire United States, offering over 34 specific categories that divide home improvement products into easily viewed sections.

Posting an item for sale on DiggersList is convenient and free, and contractors and do-it-yourselfers scour the site each day for the latest deals, making it the online destination for homeowners looking to make money off of home improvement items.

SOURCE: DiggersList

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