Combustible Dust Course Offers Procedures to Prevent Explosions
February 17, 2014 | 2:59 pm CST

Novi, MI - There is a small and silent material in the workplace holding the power to wreak great havoc; dust. Lurking on surfaces, in vents and duct work, dust has the potential to become combustible which can cause severe injury, burns or death. Many facilities with processes producing dust or fine particles may be at risk for a dust explosion, often with catastrophic results. Mastery Technologies released a new online training course, originally produced by Aurora Pictures, “Combustible Dust.” Precautions must be taken and proper procedures should be enforced, and the only way to implement these is to supply workers with proper training.

When discussing combustible dust, there are five ingredients needed for an explosion to occur. These five ingredients, known as the “dust explosion pentagon,” include fuel, oxygen, heat, dispersion, and confinement. An explosion emerges when dust fuel is dispersed into oxygen reaching a sufficient level of concentration in an area of confinement and comes into contact with an ignition source, heat.

Dust is not only hazardous because of its explosive potential, it can also create other hazards in the workplace by making surfaces slippery, and the risk of causing harm to the body by breathing it in or getting it in eyes. This “Combustible Dust” training course offers thorough and comprehensive steps to prevent the event of a dust explosion by covering topics such as explosion basics and preventing hazards.

Not only is “Combustible Dust,” a newly released course, it is also available in both Mastery’s Advantage™ and Video On Demand (VOD) platforms. In the Advantage™ course, broadcast-quality production values are used along with frequent interactions, practice activities, and quizzes with reviews to ensure workers master 100% of the course’s material. VOD courses provide large images which appear sharp when viewed in a normal video window. Full screen display sizes are provided, delivering clear audio and sharp video, even when projected or displayed on HDTV screens. Video On Demand titles play on all devices, including desktops, smart phones and tablets.

Both formats of this High-Definition video training course are available at the affordable price of $19.95 per learner. Volume pricing is available for employer purchases. For more inquiries on this course or other Mastery course platforms, visit

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