CFP and GTFF To Develop Hardwood Veneer Supply in Oregon

BOARDMAN, OR — Columbia Forest Products (CFP) and GreenWood Tree Farm Fund (GTFF) have reached a long-term agreement to utilize GTFF’s fast-growing, plantation-raised hybrid poplar log supply for the creation of core veneers that will be used to make Columbia’s “MPX” hardwood plywood panels, featuring PureBond formaldehyde-free technology.

MPX panels feature smooth cross-bands of poplar veneer that have been peeled with state-of-the-art Meinan lathe technology, which suppress the thickness variation and core telegraphing that’s common with western-produced core veneers of fir and pine.

According to Brad Thompson, Columbia’s president and CEO, “Our customer base has really taken to the advantages of MPX panel construction, and we’re thrilled to have a generous western source of poplar cross-band material. It’s a solution that wins big for our fabricating customers and the people of the Boardman area, as it helps us more effectively extend the poplar supply across North America.”

GTFF is a 35,000 acre tree farm and hardwood sawmill complex located in the Pacific Northwestern United States. GTFF is operated by GreenWood Resources, Inc. (GWR) as the investment and property manager. The Collins Companies manages the sawmill and markets the lumber under the brand of Pacific Albus®, which refers to hybrid poplar varieties developed by GWR.

A new Meinan lathe will be installed alongside GTFF’s existing Upper Columbia Mill at the Boardman plantation, assuring a highly-efficient supply of core veneer cross-bands to CFP’s plywood mill in Klamath Falls, OR.

Ed Woods, Columbia’s vice president, Western Zone, said that “the material from GTFF will be FSC-Certified, and customers will continue to experience the smooth, easy-finishing panel faces they’ve come to enjoy with Columbia’s MPX products. Only now, they’ll be working with poplar cross-bands that come from GTFF’s immense Boardman plantation.”

“Though we have already been utilizing GTFF’s poplar veneer to make plywood, we have also been bringing eastern poplar all the way back to Oregon,” said Woods. “Having the veneer peeled on the plantation, within our state, is a tremendous logistical improvement. We are in business to assure our customers top-quality hardwood plywood when they need it, and the new operation in Boardman will position us even better to do just that.”

He added that “with this arrangement, we can assure our customers that they’ll have a dependable supply of MPX panels, and that they’ll be able to leverage their quality into the cabinetry, furniture and fixtures they’ll be making with it for years to come.”

Woods also said that customers will gain another tangible benefit of MPX panels made with Pacific Albus crossbands – they’re lighter than comparable panels made with typical core materials. “It’s not only the folks in the shop who appreciate a lighter-weight panel… but for the installation crew, it’s just as important – especially in remodeling projects when cabinets or fixtures have to be carried through hallways and up the stairs.”

About Columbia Forest Products:

Established in 1957, Columbia Forest Products is North America's largest manufacturer of decorative hardwood plywood and hardwood veneer, and innovator of EPA award-winning PureBond formaldehyde-free technology. An employee-owned company, it operates facilities throughout the United States and Canada. It is a leader in sustainable forestry, as well as in developing innovative and environmentally friendly technologies and beautiful products for healthy indoor living. Visit or

About GreenWood Resources, Inc.:

GWR, founded in 1998, is a global timberland investment and property management company specializing in the acquisition, development and management of high-yield, short-rotation, sustainable tree farms. GWR specializes in creating value through the integrated deployment of traditionally bred plant material and intensive silvicultural management strategies to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns in selected regions of the world. GWR has close to 100 professionals with offices and field locations in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia (China). GWR currently manages approximately $US 350 million of assets or commitments and is committed to certifying its tree farms under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or equivalent third party audited certification programs. In addition, GWR has been a leader in the research and development of poplar as one of the key future sustainable feedstocks for bioenergy and biofuels and is leading the way in the development of dedicated energy plantations. Visit

About The Collins Companies:

The Collins Companies produces high quality wood products including softwoods, hardwoods, particleboard and engineered wood siding and trim, all available FSC certified. It is based in Portland, Oregon and has been family-owned since 1855. Learn more at 800.329.1219 or visit

Source: Columbia Forest Products



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