Centennial Woods announces huge sale

LARAMIE, WY - Centennial Woods announced today that it has launched a huge sale of its custom produced flooring, ceiling and wall paneling. Centennial Woods has collected a record amount of reclaimed snow fence through the summer and finds itself without warehouse room to store the wood throughout the winter. The pine and fir reclaimed wood has a unique character found nowhere else on earth. This reclaimed wood is naturally dried and cured by one of Wyoming's greatest natural resources: The Wyoming wind.

Applications range from grey weathered mountain décor to fully-milled contemporary styles. In addition to flooring, the tongue and groove products are ideal for paneling and ceiling applications.

The sale will run from today through November 12, 2010 and prices are at historic lows. Prices of this material will range from $3.99 per square foot to $4.99 per square foot depending on volume of material ordered.

Call or email the numbers below to speak with a customer service representative about this incredible offer.

About Centennial Woods

Before Centennial Woods began harvesting Wyoming snowfence, older boards were often left on the frame until they failed and then burned or thrown into a landfill when replaced. Centennial Woods discovered its strength and beauty and vowed to rescue and reuse it.

Since 1999, Centennial Woods has been maintaining and reclaiming snowfence from the mountainsides and open prairies of Wyoming to create its line of interior and exterior specialty wood products for residential and commercial use around the world. To support its reclamation mission, Centennial Woods has developed an international market for this green Wyoming export. To date, Centennial Woods has reclaimed 6 million linear feet of Wyoming snowfence, the equivalent of 105 miles; keeping more than 10,000 tons of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere and saving the state of Wyoming and other entities more than $10 million.

Centennial Woods' reclaimed Wyoming snowfence is naturally dried for decades by the Wyoming wind, which produces an intensely beautiful, perfectly dried, strong and true reclaimed board. Centennial Woods is proud to be one of Wyoming's great green product companies.

SOURCE: Centennial Woods


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