Cabot Premium Woodcare Launches Innovative Interior Wood Finish
September 4, 2013 | 9:22 pm CDT

CHICAGO - It's a brand new start for wood finish, as Cabot® Woodcare introduces its new Premium Wood Finish, putting creativity and all-in-one protection into everyone's hands. Featuring an innovative, patented water-based H2Oil™ formula, this new product provides the best of oil and water-based stains, allowing DIYers to transform any interior project into a personal masterpiece.

A recent survey of those tackling Do-It-Yourself (DIY) home projects revealed that only one-third of people surveyed said they feel comfortable with a staining-related project, versus nearly 80 percent who are comfortable painting. Cabot is aiming to change stain's reputation.

Unlike traditional oil stains, this new product will make the wood finishing process simple and fast, ensuring a beautiful end result every time. It conditions, seals and protects in one step, and goes on smoothly with the gentle stroke of a brush. This ensures fewer prep steps, so the project is completed quicker and with less hassle.

Additionally, Cabot Premium Wood Finish provides greater protection than the leading all-in-one and water-based top coat products. It dries to a tough, durable finish, so it stands up to everyday wear and tear, spills, water rings and household chemicals, including bleach, alcohol and nail polish remover. So whether you're a seasoned DIY pro or are new to the home improvement arena altogether, Cabot Premium Wood Finish will ensure beautiful, high quality results for every interior wood finishing project.

Other key product highlights include:

•Goes on even and smooth with no brush marks or blotches - without using a primer or conditioner

•Colorfast pigments provide rich color that resists fading

•Fast drying formula dries in 2-1/2 hours between coats; dries fully in only 6 hours

•Washes off with soap and water for easy clean-up

"This new product is a great way to transform furniture," remarked Russ Neale, Cabot Marketing Director. "Whether it's a family heirloom that needs an updated look, a great thrift store find that needs a simple touch-up, or a piece of bare wood that needs a little life breathed into it – this product can do it all. It comes in a variety of vibrant colors that lay out smooth to show off the wood's character, and dries quickly so you can display the finished piece in just six hours."

In fact, in addition to the more traditional wood tone colors that are typically associated with wood stains and finishes, Cabot Premium Wood Finish can be tinted to nearly 30 different vibrant colors, providing a variety of options to help breathe new life into any wooden piece and add personal style to any project.

And for the 20 to 40 percent of staining projects that begin in front of a computer, Cabot enlisted DIY experts Kiersten Hathcock ( from, and "Mr. Kate" from, to create fun, online how-to videos that demonstrate how this new premium wood finish can bring interior wood projects to life. Everyone is encouraged to check out their videos at to see their demonstrations and get inspiration.

Cabot Premium Wood Finish is available nationwide exclusively at select Lowes stores for a suggested retail price of $11.97 per quart. It is available in a clear base, seven ready-mix colors and a variety of tintable options in quarts and half-pint sizes. For more information, visit

About Cabot Woodcare:

For over 135 years, Cabot has been the industry leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of premium quality woodcare products. Cabot offers the industry's broadest line of high-quality interior and exterior wood stains, wood finishes and surface preparation products for both residential and commercial applications, protecting wood and preserving its natural beauty. Cabot products are made using only the finest-grade oils and pigments, all of which come with a satisfaction guarantee. Cabot Woodcare products are available at hardware, home improvement, and specialty stores nationwide. For more information, visit

Source: Cabot Woodcare

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