Cabinetry nails from Fastener USA
August 15, 2011 | 5:39 pm CDT

Fastener USA offers a top selection of cabinetry nails to suit the needs of cabinet-makers and homeowners. Customers undertaking woodworking and carpentry projects can choose from a wide variety of these special nails.

Carpentry and woodworking professionals know that ordinary nails are less than optimal for use in cabinetry. Special-purpose nails such as those offered by Fastener USA are best for such distinctive applications. The company’s range of offerings includes brad nails, micro pin nails, finish nails, and T-Nails.

Brad nails are commonly used in trim woodworking and finish carpentry. The company’s 18-gauge electro galvanized steel brad nails are 3/8” and can fit virtually any 18-gauge brad nailer on the market.

Customers looking for cabinetry nails can also consider using micro pin nails, designed for particularly delicate pieces of furniture trim. Fastener USA’s 23-gauge pin nails are headless and can be used in nearly any 23 gauge micro pinner.

The company also offers a wide range of finish nails, which are unobtrusive and thus excellent for cabinetry applications. Both angled and straight finish nails are available in either 15- or 16-gauge versions.

Lastly, T-Nails are designed for heavy trim and other woodworking applications. Fastener USA’s T-Nails are 1½” and made from .08”-diameter electro-galvanized steel.

About Fastener USA

Fastener USA offers professional woodworkers and homeowners a wide range of cabinetry nails. Headquartered in Modesto, CA, the company offers an expansive range of construction materials on its online superstore.

SOURCE: Fastener USA

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