AWFS Fair: Lumber Wizard 4 finds metal in reclaimed wood
LAS VEGAS - The popular woodworking metal detector has been a staple in the industry for more than a decade now. "It has filled a need for a highly sensitive, affordable feature-packed metal detector for woodworkers," says company CEO Billy Carmen. "With our personal computer support and great warranty, we've become a favorite of many consumers."

On July 20th at the AWFS Fair show in Booth 1268, Wizard Industries will be unveiling the new Lumber Wizard 4 Laser Line Woodworking Metal Detector that features an improved circuit design, and a laser line indicator. The highly sensitive detector is now more reliable than ever, and it makes locating metal easier and faster due to its laser line indicator.

"This new version provides much more detection depth and a bright red laser line generator that makes buried metal a lot easier to find," noted Carmen. "User reviews have been off the chart, and having the product be the first of any type laser indicating metal detector, makes it cutting edge in many ways."

There's probably nothing more annoying to a woodworker than damaging a planer, saw or jointer blade. Frequently small metal objects such as staples, nails, screws or even barbed wire and bullets can be hidden inside new or reclaimed wood. Undetected, these metal culprits often cause costly blade damage, or worse still, they can cause injury to woodworkers.

The new Lumber Wizard 4 Laser Line helps detect metal objects buried up to 4-inch deep in wood and the new laser provides a precise visual refernce so as to speed the removal of metals that can damage blades in tooling. It is easy to use, very preciuse, and is a must for every woodshop.

Source: Wizard Industries, Inc.

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