AWC Statement on SCOTUS decision on EPA’s Tailoring Rule

WASHINGTON - American Wood Council (AWC) President and CEO Robert Glowinski has issued the following statement regarding the U.S. Supreme Court’s announcement today to uphold in part and overturn in part Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions through the Clean Air Act.

“Although the Supreme Court has issued its decision regarding EPA’s Tailoring Rule, the ruling does nothing to clarify how biomass carbon emissions will be treated in existing and proposed regulations. The use of biomass energy is integral in manufacturing wood products and AWC has been asking for clear regulations since the Tailoring Rule was issued in 2010. EPA needs to quickly finalize its Accounting Framework and acknowledge that energy produced from biomass residuals in the wood products industry is carbon neutral.

“Our industry’s products and the manner in which we produce and use biomass energy are all part of the sustainable carbon cycle. By using biomass residuals as fuel, the wood products industry is harnessing the energy value of CO2 that would have been lost to the atmosphere anyway and also displacing the use of more carbon-intensive fuels. The carbon-neutral benefits of the wood products industry are perpetuated through the natural carbon cycle and should be reflected in EPA regulations and guidance.”

The American Wood Council (AWC) is the voice of North American wood products manufacturing, representing over 75 percent of an industry that provides more than 360,000 men and women with family-wage jobs. AWC members make products that are essential to everyday life from a renewable resource that absorbs and sequesters carbon. Staff experts develop state-of-the-art engineering data, technology, and standards for wood products to assure their safe and efficient design, as well as provide information on wood design, green building, and environmental regulations. AWC also advocates for balanced government policies that affect wood products.

Source: American Wood Council



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