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August 8, 2013 | 9:58 pm CDT

Bloomfield, CT - Online retailer, which features many of the world's most popular cabinet hardware brands, is now adding some of the least well known as well. In addition to carrying dozens of top brands, including Top Knobs and Amerock, the site now features small artists and independent craftspeople.

After running a Beta Test with four independent artisans, has decided to expand its offerings, inviting all small artists and independent craftspeople to submit their work. Results of the Beta Test showed a strong market for the hand made goods and significant interest from customers.

David Mason, Owner and CEO said, “Historically, small artists and independent craftspeople have struggled to get their wares in front of customers nationwide. The advent of sites like Etsy has created portals for them to sell to buyers specifically looking for handmade items. However, a huge gap still exists between the artists and large corporations when it comes to selling on mainstream websites. On we're trying to bridge that gap."

Artisans do not need to maintain a large stock of items in order to begin selling. Mason added, "Customers have shown a willingness to wait longer for hand crafted items and are willing for there to be natural variations between the items, allowances they would not be willing to make for the national brands."

Artists and Craftspeople wishing to submit their work can visit or email crafts(at)tailofthelion(dot)com.

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