AkzoNobel Reveals Indigo Night as 2013 Color of the Year

CLEVELAND - AkzoNobel, the world's largest paint and coatings company, unveiled today its 2013 Color of the Year, Indigo Night. The rich blue shade was determined by the company through a study of social and economic trends from around the globe. Last year, AkzoNobel selected a juicy red Terra Cotta Rose as the year's signature hue, reflecting possibilities and take-charge optimism.

The first to author a comprehensive, researched and global-based study of color trends, AkzoNobel says Indigo Night suggests maturity and elegance. The regal, tranquil and introspective hue also conveys a sense of trust and authority. Within a color palette, indigo is versatile, pairing well with brights of a similar saturation level, citrus colors, or warmer neutrals, as well as other blues, purples and greens.

"Indigo Night is a stunning color that can be applied to many areas within the home," said Barbara Richardson, director of North American color marketing for AkzoNobel, makers of Glidden® paint. "Even used in small ways, Indigo Night makes a bold and confident statement, whether it's featured in an entryway, place of study, or as a pop of color on furniture, such as the inside of bookshelves."

AkzoNobel's Color of the Year is a result of ongoing color trend research and analysis by creative experts from around the world. Once a year, the AkzoNobel Global Aesthetic Center, based in Amsterdam, invites an international group of experts in the fields of design, architecture and fashion to discuss and determine key color trends for the coming year. Industry authorities from different parts of the world, including Asia, North America, South America and Europe, draw on a variety of cultural influences such as fine art and technology, as well as social and economic trends.

"The Color of the Year and our research are reflective of society's moods and interests," said Richardson. Krim Danzinger, senior color consultant for AkzoNobel, researches trend activity and adds, "So much of our lives are touched by the global community leading to our desire to connect and communicate; blue is a true communication color. Intense hues, like indigo, reflect stability, reassuring confidence of the world that lies ahead."

A year-long process, themes and insights from the global conference are translated into a color forecast and palettes, captured in the company's cornerstone ColourFutures® publication. This color trend book is distributed to multiple audiences including home designers, artists and architectural firms. The comprehensive guide includes the Color of the Year, which will span across AkzoNobel's global markets, along with an overarching color concept for 2013 and five trends.

Richardson says the dominant concept of 2013 is "Connections," the way things interconnect to create networks, dialogue and innovation. There are five related trends and color palettes highlighted in this year's ColourFutures book:

Collective Passion

This trend revolves around the power of social media, which has created new, spontaneous ways to connect and share ideas. The color palette, with attention-grabbing pastels combined with chalk whites and warm greys, swoops from one color cloud to the next, with distinct groups flowing together.

Switching Off

Switching Off is a celebration of solitude, temporarily disconnecting from the rest of the world to clear the mind and create space for new thoughts. The associated palette features silent colors and ethereal hues.

The Art of Understanding

Representing a sense of curiosity and feeling of clarity, The Art of Understanding aligns with the age-old fascination of taking objects apart to understand how they work. Colors in this trend are sunny and uplifting like childhood memories, featuring vintage-inspired candy tones with laid back neutrals.

Home Factory

The more society advances, the more we want to keep things simple. Some people are now part-time beekeepers while others are opening cafes in their homes or printing their own fabrics. This theme involves manufacturing that is happening on the tiny, personal level. The related color palette is inspired by nature's dyes – bright green of alfalfa, warm burnt orange of carrot juice and indigo tones of denim.

Visual Solace

This theme revolves around the beauty of art and nature, and its impact on human beings. The gentle and feminine color palette reflects the fragile tones of impressionist paintings combined with crisp white and violet details.

For more information and to download the digital ColourFutures book, visit www.colourfutures.com. The Color of the Year, Indigo Night (GLV21), is available everywhere Glidden paint is sold, including The Home Depot, Walmart, Glidden Professional Paint Centers and other fine retailers.

Source: AkzoNobel



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