CONOVER, N.C. - Pade USA has moved to a new 5,000 square foot location in Conover, North Carolina. The the U.S. firm represents the Italy-based Pade, maker of multi-axis CNC controlled woodworking equipment, and is responsible for machine sales, service and parts sales.

In December 2015, Pade USA formally announced that it became the importer and support company for the CNC machining products coming from Intorex, and also for the MZ Project line of CNC bandsaws and bandsaw/routers.

Pade USA LLC was established and opened in January of 2015. Pade in Italy decided to open a U.S. branch of the company, but realized that cooperation with a U.S. partner was critical in order to manage the business with the mindset of the U.S. market. Pade USA is located at 1230 Commerce St., Conover, NC, 28613, phone: 704-705-2598,

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