CHICAGO - Toronto-based custom fabricator Visual Elements was awarded the Best in Show Booth Award at GlobalShop 2018 for its sleek and sophisticated booth with an international appeal. Located at 4635 in the Store Fixturing Show pavilion, the booth was chosen by a jury of IIDA designers and features colorful lighting that draws the eye, while the cool construction pulls you inside.
“An imaginative structure was cohesively designed with a different city represented on each side: Hong Kong, Paris, New York and Toronto,” said judge Lauren Chipman, CEO, Chipman Design Architecture. “Whimsical and inspiring. I love the juxtaposition!”
In addition to Chipman, this year’s jurors were Daniel Krause, experience consultant with Gensler, and Chad Finken, design director of experiential graphic design, IA Interior Design Architects.
Finken said of the winning booth, “The bright lights of Hong Kong draw you in to reveal an internationally faceted booth lined with elegantly displayed product.”
Krause added, “[I was] enticed by a global point of view addressing different tiers of the retail market. Visual elements were equally enticing!” 
Booth awards also were given to Opto International Inc., Gilson Graphics and SEG Systems. 
“Bringing the show back to Chicago has invigorated the floor—the energy is intoxicating,” Chipman said.

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