SAINT-FÉLICIEN, Quebec  - Lamco Forest Products Inc. of St Felicien, Quebec entered into an agreement with Intelligent Wood Systems Ltd. of Perth, Scotland to bring the UK firm's wood construction fire mitigation system to North America.
The application is important to builders of mass wood structures, as it allays fears of fire in wood construction during the building phase. The IWS system is designed for structural timbers and plywood formulated to provide robust resistance to job site fires
Intelligent Wood Systems Ltd. was incorporated in 2009 as an R & D company to find methods of improving existing building systems. Its parent  Glenalmond Timber Company is a family owned and operated lumber supplier operating in Perth, Scotland for over 90 years, importing timber at its harbour facility and operating the UK's single largest treatment facility and the largest structural finger joint line.
Lamco makes Solid Engineered Wood for structural and architectural use, combining Double T&G with Finger-Joint Technology from Black Spruce.  Lamco LFL and Lamco Lamfloor are engineered and manufactured to be straight, wane free, and dimensionally stable.  Each piece is machine tested ensuring incredibly strong and reliable Black Spruce products.
Lamco VP sales Andrew Dingman says that Lamco's Black Spruce engineered wood products, "combined with IWS technology will leverage our strengths delivering a completely new and Holistic approach to passive fire safety.This technology penetrates our products (creating a self-extinguishing passive fire resistance adding moisture resistance." Lamco show the new technology at the Boston Green Build show which ended November 10.
"The IWS technology addresses the robustness of wood construction during the crucial course of construction stage," says IWS Managing Director Dave Cleverley. Noting the UK threatened a complete ban on wood frame construction due to high profile construction site fires,  Working closely with UK Timber Frame Association to develop the present Fire Guidance, IWS remains the only full product offering meeting the strictest category of fire mitigation when correctly employed....allowing wood framing against existing buildings."

Intelligent Wood Systems Ltd.  

IWS "FAST" system protects the wood frame during the vulnerable course of construction stage and lies dormant for the life of the building reacting as needed to protect against fire or water damage. The IWS-FAST treatment, as part of the system, designed for structural timbers and plywood formulated to provide robust resistance to jobsite fires.  An audited, factory controlled vacuum treatment process does not contain halides (chlorides or bromides), metals, phosphates or volatile organic compounds and is non-corrosive.  
LimTek Solutions Inc. since 2013 has been providing process organization solutions for the wood truss component manufacturing industry. LimTek was selected in 2014 to transfer IWS passive fire mitigation technology and system to North America.   
, also owners of the Ultra-Joist brand is Super-Dried (average moisture content of 14%), Graded, Finger Jointed structural timber. LimTek Solutions Inc. (LimTek) is the North American agent and representative.

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