MONTREAL -- The Quebec Furniture Manufacturers Association (QFMA) recently launched Meuble du Quebec (Furniture of Quebec), a multi-channel marketing campaign targeting consumers to purchase furnishings made in the province.

The underlining premise of the promotion is, “Buying locally means choosing a piece of furniture made here, not just a local retailer.”

QFMA said it hopes the campaign will appeal to consumers’ pride of purchasing furniture manufactured in Quebec. The association said Meuble du Quebec “aims to highlight the various advantages of buying Québec furniture locally and to dispel certain myths.”

According to the QFMA, those advantages include:

  • Quebec-made furniture offers an advantageous price-ratio and products are available to meet all budgets.
  • The furniture is made with durable materials to provide long-lasting use and comfort.
  • A wide variety of design styles, finishes, colors, wood species and fabrics are available offering consumers a high degree of customization.

“Buying locally means choosing a piece of furniture made here, not just a local retailer,” says Gilles Pelletier, President and CEO of the QFMA.

The Meuble du Quebec campaign, which will run through September, kicked off Aug. 24 on Radio-Canada’s television and Web platforms as well as on Urbania. In addition, QFMA has distributed electrostatic door stickers identifying retailers that sell Quebec furniture and tent cards touting locally made furniture for their showrooms. Retailers can also utilize the Meuble du Quebec logo for free on their websites, advertisements and other promotions. The free kits can be ordered by contacting the QFMA directly at

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